Poster of poster session

A. BiśEntropy-like invariants for groups, pseudogroups and foliations
J. Brüning, F.W. Kamber and K. RichardsonIndex Theory for Riemannian Foliations
S. CourteContact manifolds with symplectomorphic symplectizations
M. CzarneckiMaximal dimension totally geodesic foliations on the complex hyperbolic space
N. KatoLie foliations transversely modeled on nilpotent Lie algebras
M. KawasakiSuperheavy subsets and noncontractible Hamiltonian circle actions
H. Kodama
(j/w S. Matsumoto)
Minimal C1-diffeomorphisms of the circle which admit measurable fundamental domains
M. KourganoffConfiguration spaces of linkages on Riemannian surfaces
A. KowalikSome remarks on the reconstruction problems of symplectic and cosymplectic manifolds
W. Kozłowski
(j/w K. Andrzejewski and K. Niedzialomski)
Generalized Newton transformation and its applications to extrinsic geometry
J. Lech and I. MichalikOn the homeomorphism and diffeomorphism groups fixing a point
Y. NakaeDehn surgeries along (−2, 3, 2s + 1)-type Pretzel knot with no R-covered foliation and left-orderable groups
V. RovenskiThe mixed scalar curvature flow and harmonic foliations
T. Rybicki
(j/w S. Haller and J. Teichmann)
Generalizations of a theorem of Herman and a new proof of the simplicity of Diffc(M)0
H. TakahasiPrevalence of non-uniform hyperbolicity at the first bifurcation of Hénon-like families
M. TriestinoRandom circle diffeomorphisms
S. WalczakMetric diffusion along compact foliations
Z. WalczakLATEX and graphics
T. YagasakiGroups of uniform homeomorphisms of covering spaces
T. YokoyamaRecurrence, p.a.p. and R-closed properties for flows and foliations
K. YoshidaThe minimal volume orientable hyperbolic 3-manifold with 4 cusps

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