Geometry and Foliations 2013
September 9-14, 2013
Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences,
University of Tokyo
Komaba, Meguro, Tokyo, 153-8914, Japan


About the Conference

The objective of the conference is to stimulate the exchange of new ideas in various fields of foliations. Any field of foliation theory will be treated in Geometry and Foliations 2013 (GF2013), with special emphasis on new directions of research for future development. The topics include: foliations and groups of homeo-/diffeomorphisms, homotopy theory and h-principles of foliations, foliations and symplectic/contact structures, holomorphic foliations, characteristic classes, discrete group actions, foliations and low dimensional topology.

The organizing committee would like to invite leading researchers on these topics. Young researchers are encouraged to take part in the conference: poster sessions and a limited number of contributed talks are planned.

Scientific Committee:

Asuke, TaroThe University of Tokyo
Matsumoto, ShigenoriNihon University
Mitsumatsu, YoshihikoChuo University
Tsuboi, TakashiThe University of Tokyo

Tentative invited speakers include:

Asaoka, MasayukiKyoto University
Asuke, TaroThe University of Tokyo
Bowden, JonathanUniversität Augsburg
Deroin, BertrandUniversité Paris-Sud
Eliashberg, YakovStanford University
Eynard-Bontemps, HélèneUniversité Pierre et Marie Curie
Fenley, SergioFlorida State University
Ghys, Etienne *Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon
Haefliger, André *Université de Genève
Hurder, StevenUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
Kleptsyn, VictorInstitut de Recherche Mathématique de Rennes
Martínez Torres, DavidInstituto Superior Técnico
Matsuda, Yoshifumi *The University of Tokyo
Matsumoto, ShigenoriNihon University
Meigniez, GaëlUniversité de Bretagne-Sud
Minakawa, Hiroyuki *Yamagata University
Mitsumatsu, YoshihikoChuo University
Morita, Shigeyuki *The University of Tokyo, Emeritus
Navas, AndrésUniversidad de Santiago de Chile
Rebelo, JulioUniversité de Toulouse
Tsuboi, TakashiThe University of Tokyo
Vogel, ThomasMax Planck Institut für Mathematik
* to be confirmed 

Bertrand Deroin will give a series of minicourse.

Organizing local committee:

Asuke, TaroThe University of Tokyo
Hashiguchi, NorikazuNihon University
Kodama, HirokiThe University of Tokyo
Minakawa, HiroyukiYamagata University
Mitsumatsu, YoshihikoChuo University
Miyoshi, ShigeakiChuo University
Nakae, YasuharuAkita University
Noda, TakeoToho University
O'Hara, JunTokyo Metropolitan University

Travel information

The conference is hosted by the University of Tokyo. The most convenient airport to fly to is the Haneda International airport. However, you will find mostly flights to the Narita International airport, from which you can come to the city center by `Narita express' (carried by JR-East), `Sky linear' (by Keisei lines) or `Airport Limousin' buses (carried by Airport Transport Service). More detailed information will be found on the web page of GF2013 ( Additional information can be found on the web pages of:

The University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences
Access and map of Komaba campus

Since funding for GF2013 will be limited, it may be difficult to support your international travel expenses, and therefore we would like to ask you to find your own source for travel to and from Japan. We shall try our best to find funds for partially supporting the living expenses for participants.

Invitation letter

If you need an official invitation letter for applying for a visa or financial support from your own source, please contact:

GF2013 Secretary
FAX: +81-3-5465-7011
(with Subject: invitation letter)

Contact address & Conference web page

More information including the topics of the minicourse and the invited speakers will be posted at the following web page as soon as they are available:

No Registration Fee will be asked. On the other hand, a moderate amount of fee will be asked for the conference dinner (on 11 (Wed.)). Detailed information will be announced later on the conference web page.

We shall distribute the Second Announcement in the same way as this First Announcement. If you wish to make sure you receive the Second Announcement, please write to

with Subject:

request 2nd Announcement

The 60th anniversaries of Steven Hurder and Takashi Tsuboi will be celebrated in this occasion.

(PDF file version of this First Announcement is here.)