Call for Papers:
Geometry, Dynamics, and Foliations 2013

Editorial Committee of Geometry, Dynamics and Foliations 2013,
Taro Asuke,
Shigenori Matsumoto,
Yoshihiko Mitsumatsu

For participants of GF2013, GD2013, and BGamma School, and researchers in the related fields;

As we announced in last September, we will edit and publish a volume of collected papers in the series ASPM (Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics from the Mathematical Society of Japan). Our volume will be entitled `Geometry, Dynamics, and Foliations 2013' and dedicated to the 60th Anniversaries of Steven Hurder and Takashi Tsuboi.

This project grew out of the occasion of GF2013, GD2013, and BGamma School, held in September 2013 in Tokyo. However, it is not a proceedings in an exact sense, so that the submission is open to anybody who is working in the related areas.

Not only research papers but also expository or survey papers are welcome. Of course every paper is refereed. As this volume will be dedicated to two great leaders of the field, the articles must be of fairy high mathematical quality. Already a good number of papers are expected to be submitted, we might be very selective in some cases.

Deadline for submission

The deadline of submission of manuscript is

Monday, June 30, 2014.

Preparation of manuscript

Our style file and templates are available from the link below:

Prepare your manuscript using them. Our style file is all right for compiling with latex, platex, pdflatex, xelatex. As soon as the files and the page is ready on the WEB, we will inform you again. It will be very soon.

It is preferable that Key words and AMS Subject classification are indicated. For the latter please choose one Primary and any number of Secondaries.


You can find the above instructions also in the following file:


As to the `dedication', as a preprint you can put your dedication to Steven Hurder and/or Takashi Tsuboi on your article, while the volume will be dedicated to the both and each article does not bear a dedication in the final form.


From the previous experiences, most probably the copyright will be dealt in the following way. The copyright of the volume is kept by the Math. Soc. Japan. For individual articles, if the author(s) wishes the copyright of the article can be reserved by the author(s). But as it will still depend on the further negotiations, the final decision will be announced later.

Submission address

Please send your manuscript in TeX source file with attached files of figures as well as its pdf file after TeX compilation to the address below: